Now Thank We All Our Traits

A prayer/poem of thanks from this personologist (more about the Big Five):

Thanks to my calmness, for getting me through the fray;

Thanks to my emotions, for holding wrongdoing at bay.

Thanks to my introversion, for nurturing my soul;

Thanks to my extraversion, for making me bold.

Thanks to my traditional side, for giving me security;

Thanks to my exploring side, for creating futurity.

Thanks to my competitiveness, for energy to be better;

Thanks to my submissive side, for grace as a debtor.

Thanks to my spontaneity, for letting me play;

And thanks to my focus, for making me stay.

Thanks to your calmness, for giving me strength;

Thanks to your emotions, for warning me of the brink.

Thanks to your introversion, for letting me rest;

Thanks to your extraversion, for giving me zest.

Thanks to your traditional side, for keeping me grounded;

Thanks to your exploring side, for keeping me rounded.

Thanks to your competitiveness, for keeping me alert;

Thanks to your submissive side, for when I am a jerk.

Thanks to your spontaneity, for joining me in play;

And thanks to your focus, for making me want to stay.

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