It’s Hard Not Wanting More Folks Like You

I got an email this week requesting the ideal profile for a recruiter—someone who finds suitable persons for a target job, recommends them to an employer, and actively tries to sell the rightness of their recommended recruits.

This is an easy one to remember: The ideal trait profile for a recruiter is mid-range on everything. Here’s why: persons with extreme scores have a tendency to prefer being around others with similar scores, and are likely to feel uncomfortable, disdainful, etc. around opposites. Like the extraverted spouse who complains to their introverted partner, “What do you have against being around other people?” Folks with midrange scores are typically more comfortable around others with scores in either extreme, so long as they’re not always around others at any one extreme.

With respect to recruiting, if an introvert is required for a target job, an ambivert is more likely to feel comfortable actually recommending an introvert than an extrovert would be. Extraverts just like other extraverts more, just as introverts like other introverts more. Explorers like other explorers, neatniks like other neatniks, etc. To the extent that a recruiter is midrange, they are more likely to feel comfortable with whatever trait level is required for a target job.

However, recruiters with extreme scores can also be successful, so long as they understand this dynamic. But, they will need to continually, and consciously, ask themselves if they don’t like a candidate because they’re wrong for the job, or because they’re different from the recruiter!

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