Tyranny Prevention

Yale University’s Levin Professor of History Timothy Snyder has written a manifesto for democracy titled On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century (New York: Tim Duggan Books, 2017). This little volume (128 pages, 6” x 4.5”) packs a wallop. Although he never names anyone as his focal tyrant wannabe, the reader knows that this … Continue reading Tyranny Prevention


Loving is Living

The sleepy Davidson College campus awoke with a start. It was graduation day in the Spring of 1960. I, a lowly freshman, sat quietly with fellow singers in the Male Chorus. We awaited our next turn to entertain with song. With the audience of faculty, parents, and fellow graduating seniors expecting him to dribble on … Continue reading Loving is Living

How Do Religion and Politics Mix?

An Imam, a Rabbi, and a Ronin were sitting on the bimah. Their host asked each to comment on this question: What is the line between religion and politics? In a country that officially embraces the separation of church and state, the audience of mostly Jews and Christians at Temple Beth El in Charlotte, North … Continue reading How Do Religion and Politics Mix?

A Modest Proposal

In 1729, Jonathan Swift brought attention to the plight of Ireland’s starving poor by ironically suggesting the children be fattened and served up to the rich. My modest proposal today employs no irony. Rather, I address a serious issue by suggesting a small, effortless, non-resource-consuming, incremental change. The serious issue: Carbon emissions. The suggestion: Cut … Continue reading A Modest Proposal

Playing Sports? It’ll Cost Ya an Arm and a Brain

In 2009 I posted a warning blog about (mostly football) concussions. Since that time many changes have occurred. But the problem lingers—partly because it appears we have misunderstood the root cause. In a brief update on concussions in Time (October 26, 2015, pp.23-24), Sean Gregory points to the accumulation of lesser hits to the head, … Continue reading Playing Sports? It’ll Cost Ya an Arm and a Brain

Taking Care of the Goose

This morning my nephew, Bob McGahey, emailed to alert me of two blogposts he thought I’d take an interest in. They concerned the role of religion and the state of the planet. Bob is a devout Quaker and an eco-educator. In responding to his posts, I found my topic for this week’s blog of my … Continue reading Taking Care of the Goose

Summertime—and Time for a Relationship Checkup

“Ever since happiness found your name, it has been running through the streets trying to find you.” --Hafiz of Persia Whether at a beach, mountain, or lake, a vacation stroll with your significant other is a fine time to check the health of your relationships. Memorize these three precepts and use them as an aid … Continue reading Summertime—and Time for a Relationship Checkup