I’m Just a Churl Who Can’t Say “No”

Well, not really a churl. Or a girl, for that matter. At the Center for Applied Cognitive Studies, we employ the Five-Factor Model to describe individual differences in personality traits. One of the traits is Accommodation, which reports how an individual typically behaves around power. Broadly described, Challengers are those low in Accommodation—as a rule... Continue Reading →

Making the Most of What Willpower You Have

Our capacity to pay attention varies along a continuum from highly effortful to totally effortless. Effortful attention is like when you must read the instructions for a new piece of computer software. For most of us, this requires highly focused concentration that entails the marshaling of all of our mental resources. As such, much energy... Continue Reading →

Having and Wanting

While I cannot find the source for this research, the point it makes is worth sharing. Mental attitudes—mind over matter, thinking positively, reframing, putting a spin on things, looking for the silver lining, deciding to let go of a loss—some are easier to manage than others. I remember the first time I sent a book... Continue Reading →

Taking Care of the Goose

This morning my nephew, Bob McGahey, emailed to alert me of two blogposts he thought I’d take an interest in. They concerned the role of religion and the state of the planet. Bob is a devout Quaker and an eco-educator. In responding to his posts, I found my topic for this week’s blog of my... Continue Reading →

A Summer’s Tale

It was a dark, unstormy night. The adults gathered on the porch of our Oak Island beach home for the week. The kids were up to their devices inside, awaiting word that bedtime was at hand. Except for Liam Hinson, our 13-year-old grandson and the senior kid, who was hanging with the grownups. “Liam,” I... Continue Reading →

A Lesson in People Judgement

I recall someone writing that personality assessments were an idle activity of the leisured class. They said that people before the 20th century were just too busy trying to survive to spend time talking about values, belief systems, traits, virtues, abilities, and their ilk. As our family historian, I have read several wills written in... Continue Reading →

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