Adrift, But Not Sinking

Retirement stunned my psychiatrist friend. Accustomed to being a provider, teacher, administrator, and therapist, he was suddenly adrift. It was as though the sails, oars, and motor that had energized his boat had disappeared. He didn’t know what to do with himself. “Who am I?” he asked daily, hoping for an answer. “What is my... Continue Reading →

A Season of Anticipation…or a Lifetime?

               The December Holiday season is one of anticipation, epitomized by the Charles Wesley lyrics “Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus” as set to the Welsh tune Hyfrydol. “Anticipation” takes its meaning from two Latin words: “ante” (before) and “capere” (to take). To anticipate is to take something before its time. It is the lineman moving... Continue Reading →

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