Tyranny Prevention

Yale University’s Levin Professor of History Timothy Snyder has written a manifesto for democracy titled On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century (New York: Tim Duggan Books, 2017). This little volume (128 pages, 6” x 4.5”) packs a wallop. Although he never names anyone as his focal tyrant wannabe, the reader knows that this … Continue reading Tyranny Prevention


Appearances Can Be Deceiving (1. Impatience and Boredom)

Last week a colleague called me impatient. I bristled—I don’t like to be called impatient. “What leads you to say that?” I asked, puzzled not knowing the evidence that led him to judgment. “You sometimes look away from others, move around a bunch in your chair when others are talking with you or to the … Continue reading Appearances Can Be Deceiving (1. Impatience and Boredom)